First Project - "Hello World"

' <---this key " ' " means you comment out a line of code to in case you are writing something more human readable or meta-codes, the machine ignores this line if commented
Module Module1 'a Module is like a Class. A module in simple terms houses blocks of code that are related together.

    Sub Main() 'defines a block of code, sub is short for sub-routine, "Sub" could also be replaces with "Function", broadly these are methods. "Main" is the name of the codeblock
        ' "Main()" is always the first code that is executed

        Console.WriteLine("Hello World") '  Console. is a class or a container, .WriteLine and .ReadLine are Methods that were already written by other developers. Class.Method
        ' "Hello World" is a literal string of characters which is a type of information, or a datatype String. 
        Console.ReadLine() 'calling a method inside of the .NET framework class library that expects user input. () closed parenthesis says to wait until more instructions

    End Sub 'says this code block is finished, Sub is a Visual Studio Keyword

End Module 'says this code block is finished

'line 7 could be rewritten in 2 lines as
'     Console _
'       .WriteLine("Hello World")