OSRS Pking Tips Volume 1

  1. Ground Yourself

    When you are pking or doing any other competitive aspect, it is important to ground yourself. By ‘grounding yourself’ I mean you should adjust your chair so your feet rest comfortably on the floor. This takes stress off the mind for the lower half of your body and allows focus to be directed at your upper half. The key is making small changes to help put you in ‘the zone.’ Once you have mastered ‘the zone,’ you can enter and escape the room with ease.

  2. Adjust your monitor

    When you are pking or doing any other competitive gaming, it is important that your primary monitor is adjusted properly. Your perspective should rest easily in the middle of that monitor, so your head doesn’t need to move much if at all to see everything. You can adjust the height of your monitors by using books as a ‘stand.’

  3. Customize and Set-Up F-keys

    If you aren’t pking with F-keys in 2019 you may be heavily disadvantaged in some circumstances. Being able to quickly change your in-game interfaces is crucial for when you learn pking skills such as stacking barrage and a spec weapon in the same tick, or switching gear and prayers in a high focus NH duel. What interface is bound to which key is entirely personal choice.

  4. Keep both Arms Parallel To The Desk

    Your arms should be aligned with the monitor. Both arms rest straight, and the wrist isn’t bent uncomfortably. This is to help promote good posture for long pking sessions.

  5. Play on Low Ping Worlds

    Due to the nature of online video games, each player is from a different place around the globe. Until internet technology improves there will be response time gaps. Ping is determined by the distance data travels. When you mouse click on runescape, your computer is sending data to Jagex servers around the globe. You want to have the lowest ping possible when pking, so I recommend only playing on servers around your geological location.

  6. Practice Switches

    Here is an example of my practicing switches. I am doing a three way switch from my range to my mage gear. How many switches you decide to use is up to you and is situationally dependant. The game runs on slices of time called “ticks” and

  7. Explore Deep Wildy (30+) With 82/94 Magic

    When you complete the quest Desert Treasure, you unlock powerful freeze spells that freeze your opponent as well as deal damage to them. This allows you to hold your target in place while you dish out massive amounts of damage to them. Paired with a buddy on normal prayer book with teleblock (lvl 85 magic req.), you can minimize your opponents escape in the Wilderness.