OSRS Ironman Rush Scythe of Vitur Method

For an in-depth ironman meta leveling guide, checkout: https://pastebin.com/raw/0xGyuk5r

Find teammates in wedoraids https://wedoraids.com/


This is the starting gear we need for teams to be willing to pick us up. We also need to unlock rigour and augury from Raids 1. To charge the scythe after we get it (which costs about 30m cash to fully recharge by buying blood runes from Ali Wares Shop) (leave a message if there is a cheaper place to aquire blood runes). To afford the cash to charge this weapon, we could do nice alchable activities like slayer or farming revenants.


While we farm gold to charge our scythe in between pvm trips, we also collect some nice resources from the Revenant Dragon & Knight.

Black dragonhide and Uncut Dragonstone give great passive crafting exp.

Mahogonany Planks (combined with alchables) makes 99 construction a nice passive route+miscellania

The Coal and Runite Ore/Bar makes for nice passive smithing exp for levels 85-99

Manta Rays as a good source of food that heals +22hp.

Yew and Magic Logs for Birdhouses

Farming Revs with Scythe is about 6m-7m gp/hour with Scythe. This is a guess but a quick search on youtube yielded no test videos of actual alchable gp/hour with scythe at revenants.


more info on scythe


According to these calculations, uncharged scythe is still VERY good at most places than any other melee weapon.