Last Man Standing LMS PvP Tips 2019

Last Man Standing Beta 7/12/2019

Pick a world that has the lowest ping or response time from that server so you’re bridding switches will register as fast as possible.

First you will want to turn off the annoying in-game music. Play your own music, some people hybrid to classical music to keep them calm, others enjoy bridding to a chillstep mix. Choose whatever you like.

The next thing you might want to consider is changing the in-game f-keys. Below is an image of my personal f-keys, but feel free to customize anyway you like.

These are my key. If you want to be able to activate your F-keys by pressing different keys that are in a more ergonomic place, consider purchasing our F-Key Relocator AutoHotKey Script.

F-Key Remap To A S D F G
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This simple AutoHotKey script allows you to activate f-keys such as f1 by pressing another key, such as ‘A’. This allows for a more ergonomic player-killing experience. The ' key suspends the script in-case you need to type. Activate an AutoHotKey script by double clicking the .ahk file that comes with your digital purchase.

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Lock your in-game camera. This makes it a lot easier to track your moving opponent, as you won’t be worried about adjusting the camera zoom mid-battle.

Immediately when the game starts, you need to do several things. First, organize your inventory to where it is easy for you to switch. You do not want your items to really move much. Second, brew up to 115 hitpoints, restore stats back up, drink range and melee potion. Third, disable spell-filtering by right clicking the magic book inventory tab. Fourth, make sure your crossbow is set to rapid fire (they may patch this in the future). After each kill, boost your hp and stats.

Item’s To Drop/Not Pickup

  1. Starting Ava’s Accumulator, not needed cause infinite bolts

  2. Any slow weapons like Heavy Ballista, DarkBow, Elder Maul. Your starter gear is better than these.

    Item’s To Look For

    1. Vesta’s Longsword

    2. Kodai Wand/Zuriel’s Staff

  3. Armadyl Crossbow

  4. Tank Legs

    5. Ags/Claws/Stat Hammer if NO VLS

  5. Tank Helm

  6. Anti-fire Potion (dropped from dogs in center)

    Additional Tips

    a) Immediately as you cast a barrage and the xp falls, equip your tank legs/body

    b) type ::renderself in-game so you can react quicker to an opponent death-dot bridding you. Watch your hitpoints and you will get used to pking like this quickly.

    c) Change your offensive prayers before you switch to that style so you always hit hard (for example, enable Rigour prayer before equipping a crossbow, not vice versa…same with piety and whip)

    d) Shark->Saradomin Brew->Karambwan to quickly heal 40hp in one game tick if you are getting hit hard

    e) Take advantage of the fact that you don’t miss attack ticks by drinking brews and could be the difference between a win and a loss.

    f) Pray melee when panicking. Don’t get combo’d out by a vls/ags…just calm down and eat.

    g) Look for opportunities early in a fight to dump one or two special attacks. This way, if a fight gets prolonged, you may have additional special attacks over your opponent via spec recharge.

    h) Rest your right forearm on the desk in a perpendicular position to your torso. This way you can perform fast mouse movements at a prolonged time period by reducing the stress on the arm. Professional CSGO gamers use this strategy.

The 3 States of a Tribrid Fight

When both players are frozen:

If out of melee distance, wear Mage Bottoms and prepare to attempt to refreeze him. If in melee distance, wear tank bottoms (rune platelegs/dharok legs) and consider hugging protect melee.

When the opponent is frozen and you are not:

Camp mage bottoms. Look for spec knock-out opportunities here and maximize dps. It is more often than not worth risking hitpoints at these opportunities. You can either walk under him and hit-then-walk under combo him or you can dps (damage per second) him at a distance and possibly go for a mage-melee damage stack (you do this by clicking the opponent while wielding a mage/melee weapon when you see a large magic experience point drop. If done correctly, the barrage and melee hit should land in the same game tick.

When the opponent is not frozen and you are:

If you were unable to catch a freeze, equip your tank legs. Be ready to anti-death-dot by meleeing and ranging your opponent. You should really be fast at putting on protect from melee here, as they will be looking to spec you out. ::renderself is really helpful here just watch your hitpoints if you enable it.

Focus on correct offensive/defensive prayers while 2-way switching between attack ticks

Advanced Pking Secret

See how fast you can switch to magic gear, barrage, then switch immediately back to tank top and bottoms. If you master this you will take a lot less damage. Only masters at Runescape’s tick system can do this well.

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