How To Secure Your RuneScape Account

Hey there fellas. Account security has been a long term problem in RuneScape, more so these days with the lack of support on Jagex’s end. This is a guide to help keep your account secure and out of a hacker’s reach.  

Step 1: Change Login Password


Use a password generating site to make your passwords. I have a unique password for my gmail login and a unique password for my RuneScape login. 

Surely you are thinking “I can’t be asked to type in a nonsense 15char password each time.” To that I’ll say checkout my login script so you can quickly and effortlessly login to Old School Runescape by pressing a button(s). 

Step 2: Enable 2-factor authenticator on your email. 

So a hacker can steal your account through your email and resetting your RuneScape password. To help prevent this, we will use the 2-factor auth feature your email provides. Let’s use gmail as an example. 


Download the “authenticator” app off the apple or android store.


Manual or scan the QR code to link the email to the auth app. Your email will ask for this code. Tap and hold to copy to clipboard. Paste this back where your email is asking for it to finish the set up. Now whenever you log in to your email you will be prompted to enter in this randomly generated code. This is incredibly important incase your password gets leaked. We will do the same for our RuneScape account. 


Step 3: Enable 2-factor authenticator on your RuneScape Account

This step is similar to the last one.  


Manual entry or scan the code using your authenticator app. After finished you will enter your authenticator code each time you login to RuneScape. There is an option when you login to remember this computer for 30 days. 



Now you have strong and unique passwords for both your email and RuneScape account. Your email and RuneScape logins are also protected by a 2-factor auth prompt. Now it is up to you to avoid phishing websites, live-streams, emails, downloading keyloggers or rats, and account sharing. Take care!