OSRS Anti-Drag AHK Script & F-Key Rebinds

 This guide has been slightly improved here.

   My first experience using any type of anti-drag software on Old School Runescape was on the Third-Party Client called Runelite. Unfortunately Runelite developers made it so you have to use shift to get the anti-drag affect, making it pretty shit. I will be explaining here in this guide how you activate anti-drag with AHK scripts. This is the AHK script I personally use for Old School Runescape Playing Killing.

Of course if you haven’t already downloaded AutoHotKeys, you can find it here at https://autohotkey.com/download/ or simply google “autohotkey download.”


The Code for Anti-Drag


CapsLock::Suspend, On
CapsLock up::Suspend, OFF

The top part of the code makes it so your left click never “holds down” so it becomes virtually impossible to drag items. Now the issue I experience with this was that in the heat of pvp fights I sometimes do need to drag items. I added the bottom part of the script that will stop the script ONLY WHILE capslock is pressed down. This works very well for me ergonomically because of another AHK Script I use in combination with this which I will also put down below. You can change the suspend toggle to a different key if you’d like.

The Code for F-key Remaps

my personal rebinds

my personal rebinds

Traditionally people use f-keys (f1-f5) to change inventory interfaces on osrs. I made an AHK script that moves my f keys to the “1-5” keys below them on the keyboard. This is just an ergonomic decision but works well with the anti-drag script.

   keywait, 5

   keywait, 2

   keywait, 4

1:: F1
   keywait, 1

3:: F3
   keywait, 3



After you have set up both the AHK’s I have shown you, you should be able to comfortably place your hand on the keyboard that you see in the picture below. You would disable anti-drag with your pinky finger when you need to and change game interfaces with f keys rebinded to keys 1 - 5. Thanks for checking out this post and I hope it was what you were looking for. Leave a comment if you liked this or have any questions. Cheers!