jordan peterson

Why You Need To Go Out Of Your Way To Eat Healthy

What’s going on guys, Oedema5 here. I am not a professional dietrition, but here is my opinion. Let me tell you my diet, inspired by Jordan Peterson…and no he is not a nazi to me. I see a lot of corporate propaganda that aims to profit off of you buying their products, at the expense of your own personal health. It is a lot cheaper to feed the masses carbohydrates, rather than-say a grass fed t-bone steak from your local butcher. Eat one of these bad boys and you are full for a day. If you are not full off a grass fed. Instead of eating something unhealthy as a side dish such as mash potatoes, potato chips, or tator tots, buy fat scraps from your local butcher. Fat scraps are incredible cheap and are super healthy for you, despite what Corporate America wants you to think.