Scary Technological Possibility of Our Future

I seem to have been interested in psychology all my life and only recently politics. I’m a millennial so I grew up pretty tech savvy too. I basically got this idea during my wake up shower of the day. Hope you enjoy!



Television and other sources of video such as YouTube have become a primary surces of entertainment and education for a large part of the world. Back in the day this was largely the theatre. Here is what I believe will be the next big (and scary) technological advancement of the 21st century. 


Let’s connect movies with psychology and philosophy. We see the world through our eyes, our realities are in part created by our vision. Movies check off vision. Movies also use sound to help drive emotions, the sounds such as soundtracks of Hans Zimmer release brain chemicals such as dopamine or other neural chemicals. 


Okay so now movies create realities by providing the sound and image of the product. But our actual first person perspectives of the world aren’t made by JUST sounds and images, there’s also the neurochemicals. What if....movies just pumped neuralchemicals into your bloodstream in a precise time sequence with the movie. What if.... they are already partly doing that with soundtracks, regulating our neural-chemistry. The accuracy of matching the situation to the right chemical release would never be perfect but with a lot of trial, error, and testings we could get darn close. 


So I’m imagining this product where it puts you in an evironment where you can 1: hear all the noises, 2: see what the director wants you to see, and 3: injects the corresponding neuralchemicals into your bloodstream to make it feel even more real, possibly even giving pro lasting de-realization. 


Now I am one of some 8 billion humans. Surely someone else has thought of this. Imagine the power of brainwashing this could have and it would be virtually impossible to self-will yourself to escape. The director could simply neglect to send inject anxiety-less neuralchemicals so you’d never question the reality your in. If the director would have some form of a globalist agenda, you can see how this would be a BIG problem. You wouldn’t be able to get your friends,family, countrymen, and fellow humans out of the loop. If the director can create realities so good you would have no reason to stop watching, and you have no open-mindedness neuralchemicals because your body is being regulated by this product, you will be forced to pull the plug on your friends and families. You will likely be hated from redpilling your loved ones out of utopia, just remind them it wasn’t real in the first place. I don’t know how you’d save yourself.