How did this patent pass legislation?


I saw this image above around the internet and I thought it was very interesting. The patent doesn’t mention FBI or CIA directly but it does have an interesting graphic I came across in figure 2. Look specifically at line 206 “distribute or block privacy protected image.” You see the product is distributed to client 102_2 AND client 102_n, suggesting it is likely being distributed to a third party and in fact not a 1:1 relationship. 


The following image is from the same patent. I take special interest in the 2nd sentence, “Large numbers of individuals are in a position to take and distribute images of another individual without the consent of the photographer or videoed individuals.”


So because it distributes “without consent,” does that mean this patent holder ignores some or all of the privacy settings? How did this pass any legislation, it is as if nobody even checked it for loopholes. I definetely plan to look into other patents and the patent market as a whole in the future. Until next time.... 

Political Shitposting 101: NPCs


This popular insult originating from video games is called a “non-playing character” or NPC for short. It is now being used as a political insult referring to someone that is “brainwashed” or “programmed.” I often see this at places such as r/The_Donald (shoutout), most often directed towards completely delusional left wingers and liberals who’s brain thinks it’s more efficient to regurgitate globalist propaganda (see picture above). As you see, the NPC seems to have completely broke down. I would go as far as to say this isn’t a real person at all.

People are catching on that it’s more efficient to globally brainwash the masses by robots programmed to spew propaganda. The problem is people assume social media content is human when 80% of it is robots (source below). Shouldn’t big platforms like twitter and Facebook do something about this? I just feel ethical and moral problems that the “flow of consciousness” that is social media is largely not human at all. This blog is it aimed to help you develop the filter in your brain that ignores these bigots.