Why I Embrace A Weird Sleep Schedule

Most people stick to a normal sleep schedule, trying to aim something close to a 9-5 as best they can. I’ve personally been a big fan of my customized sleep schedule. Because of the nature of my job, I have a lot of flexibility with my sleep cycle.

I am inspired by very old civilizations that simply don’t have a word or a conception of insomnia. Insomnia does not exist to our tribal brothers and sisters.

My Sleep Schedule

My sleep schedule increases by one hour each day, roughly. That is what I aim for to say the least. What this allows me to do, is experience every moment of the possible day. For example, people that stick to a 9-5 sleep schedule all their life for 80 years, might never have experienced being awake during the pitch black and early misty mornings. This sleep cycle feels the most natural to me and I recommend you to try it for yourself.

Day 1 sleep

Day 2 sleep at (Day 1 bedtime +1:00)

Day 3 sleep at (Day 2 bedtime +1:00)

…and so on…