My Horrible Tinder Experience

Matched with a really pretty girl the other day, she was playing “bad girl” and I was playing “confident guy.” I ask her what time to pick her up tomorrow. She tells me 7:00p.m. and gives me her address. The drive to her place that is 43 minutes away which is a little far but still a reasonable distance for a date as we both live in rural areas. I make the drive there, knock on her door, then an old man answers the door. I politely ask the old man where the library is as I act like a lost local…he gives me directions and I drive back home. I messaged the girl on tinder 20 minutes before I arrived to let her know I was close. I messaged her outside her “house” and she just straight up ghosted me. Is this girl for real? What kind of person has their date drive 40 minutes to a fake house and then ghosts him? I don’t understand.

I hope you read this. Fuck you Jordyn. Here’s some ads so you help pay for my gas.