A way to get external information by "thinking"


So for many of us, we get new information from google searching whatever we are curious about. I want to make a product that may or may not be related to Elon's Neuralink. This product would offer a way to skip this time-wasting action of typing our thoughts. This could maybe be a "key-logger" for our thoughts. By observing the brainwave activity of a subject, we can quantize when a person has a thought that includes the word "house." We would repeat this for the entire english dialect to start. So whatever way this device is designed, whether it be in some kind of chip implant or a oversized stationary machine, this would revolutionize knowledge and information.

Right now, all our brains are nodes for the internet. We are at the bottom of the curve in the technological revolution and our "speeds" are heavily bottlenecked by physical inputs. If we can remove physical inputs required to obtain external and new information, we will be good.

Let’s call this Oedeink