A train of thought on Eternal Consciousness

Hello listener. I am going to exercise a train of thought, feel free to join me.

Many scientists agree that the universe (everything that is) was not created, but is an indestructible entity. “Nothingness” does not exist in the natural world because everything consists of something. Now if an entity such as our universe is indestructible, then it is also increatable (not able of being created). Assuming there are no other universes or metaphysical realities (spiritual lands), then I will assume my mind, psyche, and consciousness rests in this physical universe. Since my mind, psyche, and consciousness rests in this physical universe, it must also be indestructible. Therefore death must be a phenomena similar to sleeping. When the human body degrades, its atoms separate and spread out. Just as the same act that my consciousness came together, my same consciousness will come together again in the future. It is just a matter of time, and is inevitable because the universe is indestructible and time is infinite. I will live forever (infinite years) because the arrangement of atoms that formed my consciousness will continue to come together by law of chance. It just so happens that as of 9/12/2018 I am able to write this blog using the power of my consciousness. I sometimes get a feeling of deja vu from the literature I read, which could be experiencing and relating to fragments of my “perfect consciousness.” Maybe the “path to human perfection” is the coming together of ones own “perfect consciousness”, which is the climax and epitome of being a living organism. Attaining this state must happen inevitably because again time is infinite and the universe is indestructible.

If you agree with some or all of my thoughts, then you can apply this to your own perspective. Your body will die, but your mind will be forever. Today you may not be at your perfect consciousness, and that is okay. Just know that you will experience your perfect consciousness eventually, because you are consciously indestructible. When your body dies, you will temporarily sleep until the arrangements of atoms that make your consciousness come back together. You may experience amnesia and you may not, just have patience.