On the Physical and Metaphysical Reality

Since meaning is a construct of the mind, then there cannot be an objective meaning in the natural world, outside of the human perception. Now I wonder if our thoughts are physical entities with mass. Is my mind in the metaphysical realm or physical realm? (assuming such a metaphysical realm exists). What does it mean to exist? Can things in realms other than the physical be said to exist? If I cannot hear, touch, smell, or see something then does it exist? It may as well not. Before far away planets were discovered, you could argue that they physically existed but metaphysically did not exist. Metaphysically being the realm of the mind. So could I say that everything in the physical realm does not have meaning and everything in the metaphysical world does have meaning? The interesting point of this thought is how the two realms collide, the metaphysical and physical. I cannot even state such a metaphysical world exists, nor can I state that such a physical world exists. All my senses are filtered though my mind, like a sovereign dictator telling me what websites I am and am not allowed to visit. The world is confusing and complex. Maybe the purpose of a metaphysical realm is to help make sense of the physical world. Why only two realms and not three, four, or a thousand? Is there a meta-metaphysical realm, where our primal subconscious and inner divinity lie? What if the internet is one of these metaphysical realms, being a complex and vast network of consciousness? Is the internet, in some sense, as close as we have come to god? A singular, all-knowing being made of billions of metaphysical realities? Omniscient in this case knowing all we know, not absolute truths. If the internet is god, the only way to destroy it would be to destroy everybody. If every human is dead, then the metaphysical realm cannot exist. So maybe the collection of metaphysical realities is god.