Escaping the Pain

The only efficient way to get through the feelings of hopeless despair is to feel whatever your feeling to its fullest extent. Thoughts are like rivers, good and bad thoughts come and go. Using drugs such as coffee, marijuana, tobacco, or alcohol does not help you feel your pain or happiness because consuming these substances puts your mind in a different place away from the darkness or light. If you value your time and your sense of feeling, I advise abstaining from these substances mentioned. Try them once if you wish, but be aware of the addicting psychological effects they may bring. Addiction by its nature gradually increases until you are constantly thinking about and consuming these substances. 

     This is one of the greatest utilities in poetry that I have experienced. Poetry helps you conceptualize whatever you are feeling and it is like putting that feeling into a box. Poetry says "I have felt this and ready to move on." The issue that many people face, myself included, is that they do not want to move on from the good feelings. They feel good feelings and do not want to ever let go of them, until chaos takes it away. Then the person is resentful because they feel they have been robbed. When in reality they have a misconception about the flow of human nature. Try to have a centered, neutral state of mind as you go about your day. Experience the good and bad in the world but don't let it tip over your boat.