Why I refruse to believe I will die.

Learning from our past is as important as exploring the possibilities of our future. In this post, I will be doing just that, exploring possibilities. I am not an expert in this field and I do not claim to be one. 

     Let me begin by explaining why I don't believe I will die. First, we cannot 100% predict the future. In every instance of harmony, chaos finds its way in. Second, technology is my religion. It opens doors that previous generations could not even conceive of. If present you will not die, that state of mind will promote longlasting networking and prosperity. Assuming today, but if not today then someday, humanity stops dying, I am more inclined to make friends as they will be around for eternity. 

     Many people would argue that I will surely die because all the generations before me have died and that it is nonsensical to claim otherwise. What if death is a mistake, and history serves the purpose of avoiding previous mistakes. Just because something was a normal experience in previous human existence, does not mean it has to be that way in the future. In 1865, around 150 years ago, slavery was abolished by the 13th amendment in the United States. Slavery was a widespread experience in African and African American lives during that time. I see death as a similar phenomenon as slavery. Death can be a concept of the past, forgotten and ancient if we pool our resources together and start looking for the way to stop it. It is crucial to start looking, for even if we never reach the destination of abolishing the event of death, what we discover in the process will be priceless. This should be the top priority because if achieved, we will have infinite time to complete all other endeavors. 

      It can be widely agreed that technology has both positive and negative impacts on human life. If I am not immortal today, there is a chance I am immortal tomorrow. Technology is the backbone of this entire paper, possibly even all of human existence. If anything prevents the event of death, it will likely be some form of technology. The positive aspect of abolishing the event of death is we will never die, which is also the negative aspect. I am not an expert in the current progress in immortal technology, so I have little to say about it but my faith. If humanity follows the path of perfection and self-improvement, the abolishment of the event of death will be inevitable. 

     I have more to say on this topic, but this is incredibly difficult to write about. I cannot comprehend of any sensical way of achieving immortality. I have faith that someone will though.