What's good from this week's update!

We got two good updates this week! Meet Bryophyta, the new f2p boss!

moss giant.PNG

They recommend level 45 combat stats before trying to defeat her and can be accessed by killing regular moss giants for a key, giving you access to Bryophyta's lair east of Vannaka. The unique drop of this boss is a new nature staff, which stores up to 1,000 nature runes and has a 1/15 chance of saving a nature rune when using spells that use them (a cough high alch).


The Hich Alchemy spell costs 1 nature rune and 5 fire runes.  Nature runes are 202gp each right now, fire runes are 5 gp ea (25gp ea cast). Let's say you did 15 high alchs with this new staff. You'd be using (15-1) nature runes (2,828gp) and 75 fire runes (375gp), giving a total of 3,203gp spent. 3,203gp/15x=213.5gp per high alch with the new staff.

Now let's compare this versus high alching with a fire staff, which gives unlimited fire runes. You'd be using 15 nature runes (3,030gp) and 0 fire runes. 3,030/15x= 202gp per high alch with a fire staff. 

Conclusion: on average it's better to high alch with a fire staff because it's cheaper. That's not to say the staff could be useful elsewhere.


In other news, the pvp community got a quality of life update.