Bot Accounts To Watch For

I heard a rumor of a business that hired people to simply follow and retweet on a twitter account. I’ve seen both left and right wing propaganda spewers and I see more everyday. The most obvious propaganda machines are the ones with +500k following/+500k followers. Currently if you follow 300+ people within 10 minutes or so you get increasingly bot checked by reCAPTChAs on Twitter. The 300people/10 minutes may be more or less but it’s just an educated guess based on personal trial and error. Now if you’ve seen accounts like these with +500k following/+500k followers, that means they have spent 10,000+ hours manually following people on Twitter 


Another theory is to write a script that follows anything but spread out more evenly overtime, something like “this program will follow 10 people each hour” which would take far more longer to get to those high numbers where influence gets exponentially higher and higher. It would be more efficient to pay several people to spam followings on 50 accounts each so by the time you cycle through the 50 accounts you won’t have the follower limit. This is basically how I imagine follow farms operate.