Social Media is making me paranoid.



I’ve been noticing strange things happening lately and weird ironic situations. I have been on the IOS apps YouTube, reddit, and discord quite a lot lately. I also use duck duck go as a browser. As you may know Youtube is also owned by Google.


The first thing that bothered me was that I made a post on reddit about a psychedelic called DMT. Then I went to my YouTube to listen to music or something and I noticed I have in my suggested videos “Jordan Peterson on DMT...” I thought that is quite the coincidence since I just made a reddit post about DMT under an hour ago and I have no previous YouTube search history for DMT related topics. 


Now, here is the second interesting thing I noticed. I am talking to friends in a discord server. My discord is ‘connected’ to my reddit account by the way. So my friends and I are discussing music and I recommended the artist Porter Robinson. Then three hours later I’m browsing reddit and I see the suggested subreddit r/porterrobinson. I was astonished, my actual discord messages are being shared between discord and reddit like they are public info. The only reason I connected my reddit to my discord was to join the r/The_Donald subreddit lol.


Anyway, social media apps are starting to make me paranoid. I feel like I can’t find anywhere private on the internet these days, maybe it’s time to downgrade to pen and paper. 


Tldr: Discord is selling my chat logs on there product to advertisers for ad placement on Reddit.