How I made the track “Pumpkin 2.”

While on the back of giants…

I took the song Maduk ft Veela - Ghost Assassin and used it as the base of my song. I envisioned building the song by copying this song’s drum beat, bass frequency automation, vocal placements, and chord progression. After I finished the “mold”, it was time to fill in the holes. I get to change the bass to something thats more my taste. I can replace some elements with my own, such as changing the instrument of one voice with something like runescape samples. Since I am trying to make my own sound, I want to continue experimenting with text-to-speech vocals for my music so I can remain as solo an artist as possible.

Why drum & bass?

The beat makes you mentally climax. The song gradually builds up and up, taking you on a long empowering journey, then suddenly you lose yourself in total derealization. When you are completely dazed by a song, you know it when your head is involuntarily bobbing. You fall into the tunnel of a song, falling in and into it, until you come out a totally aware and enlightened being. A friend once told me, being a musician is 99% listening, 1% technical skill. Becoming a musician was an incredible self realization point for me, because I had been a musician all my life. I had always proffered to listen rather than talk. In over a year and a half, I have devoted a very significant time to improving this 1% technical skill I was lacking, and am now experiencing new heights of life.

I’m sorry if I just went on a rant about myself. Anyway, Drum & Bass is awesome. In fact, let’s go on a journey. Listen to this playlist with me.

At 4:29 the music is so relaxing and de-stressing from the chaos that just occurred. Now actively listen to this song. I want you to picture in your mind a rectangular prism.


This rectangular prism is the space the Drums create. The drums are the heartbeat of a song. The drums spread the oxygen to your blood cells, creating the process of respiration. In this rectangular prism, you can now imagine with your life provided by the Drums.

Let go of your thoughts. Imagine a scenery to fill the rectangular prism. Let’s use this example.

The vocals of a drum and bass song come from the sky. The ground is the drums. The person running is you. Put yourself in first person view, as if you were looking out from their eyes. You are running and running to the drum beat. You are running but you don’t know why yet. Ask yourself “what is going on here.”

The darkness

For me I am running from the darkness, it keeps chasing me, forever running until I run into a corner where I must fight it again. I will either defeat it or let it consume me. That result will be what defines me.