An Atheists View on the Afterlife

Since the cosmos is a finite amount of space, and time is infinite, then life could be thought of as snippets of memories of itself. The possible arrangements/formations of atoms must also be finite , just like there are a finite amount of combinations (32,000-ish) in a Lo Shu magic square(see figure 1). The 9 indexs could be thought of as space and the iteration of numbers 1-9 is time.



So this means if you watched the cosmos change during several billion years, you would start to see patterns and formations repeat. The same process and combination of atoms that created my consciousness have to repeat because time is infinite and space finite.

In conclusion, you may now have a better idea of my views towards the afterlife. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transferred. The cosmos is simply a forever morphing shape of energy. Energy is also thought of as various vibrations. When I die, my body will deteriorate and my consciousness will go into a 40 million year long slumber. During this slumber, the atoms that form my conscious being are scattered waiting to gravitate back towards each other. When my atoms come back together, it is as if I have come back to life. This is my afterlife. The life, after this life. Death is sleep. Sleep is death.