How Learning Chord Inversions Made The Circle of 5ths Make Sense.

I have played piano for about two years or so, and one of my epiphanies was when I began learning chord inversions after natural position chords were muscle memory. With the help of my scale book and some exploration, I found that if you went around the circle clockwise, you could get from C major to C major in order of playing Natural Position C major, then 1st inversion of the 5th above it (G), then 2nd inversion 5th above that (D), and landing onto a natural position chord (A). If this would make it so if you followed this formula, you would start and end exactly where we were sonically but simply moving in a Natural-1st-2nd-Natural inversion pattern.

Eventually I did this so often I could then go counter-clockwise around the circle. C major Natural Position <- F major 2nd Inversion <- Bb major 1st Inversion <- Eb major natural position.

The most important thing about this to me is it makes the circle of 5th makes sonical sense. By that I mean it sounds like playing a scale, but it's not a scale technically.

If you played these simple chords in the order I describe in a musical way with emphasis on the 1st beat of the three, it sounds magical.

C major Natural Position

G Major 1st inversion

D Major 2nd inversion

A Major Natural Position

E Major 1st inversion

B Major 2nd inversion

F# Major Natural Position

C# Major 1st inversion

Ab Major 2nd inversion

Eb Major Natural Position

Bb Major 1st inversion

F Major 2nd inversion

C Major Natural Position

Why You Need To Go Out Of Your Way To Eat Healthy

What’s going on guys, Oedema5 here. I am not a professional dietrition, but here is my opinion. Let me tell you my diet, inspired by Jordan Peterson…and no he is not a nazi to me. I see a lot of corporate propaganda that aims to profit off of you buying their products, at the expense of your own personal health. It is a lot cheaper to feed the masses carbohydrates, rather than-say a grass fed t-bone steak from your local butcher. Eat one of these bad boys and you are full for a day. If you are not full off a grass fed. Instead of eating something unhealthy as a side dish such as mash potatoes, potato chips, or tator tots, buy fat scraps from your local butcher. Fat scraps are incredible cheap and are super healthy for you, despite what Corporate America wants you to think.

Why A.I. Robots Should Govern Humans


OKAY. We are human, we make mistakes. If only we had a non-human machine that would make less mistakes doing the same job. Oh, hello 2019. Should robots have positions of authority? Yes. I want to see robot police and robot judges. Code them with common sense moral algorithms that promote the prosperity of human life. These machines will make me personally feel a lot safer knowing that the machine operates on morals rather than an ideology.