Hello Internet

I wish you all a happy New Years. Welcome to 2019. I have deleted all social media and soon my website will die as well. It was a joy for me attempting to create something out of nothing and showing you my failures and successes. As a New Years resolution I have taken the liberty to delete all social media. I want to try living without a constant audience watching me. I permanently deleted my facebooks, deleted the Instagram/Snapchat/reddit apps, and soon my website itself will go offline around the 18th of January. This will be the end of oedema5, but I am a Phoenix and it is part of the nature of my life to be guided by change. I will grow and digress, live and die, see and not see. 


As for my upcoming real life adventures, I am on academic probation because I failed 4/5 classes last semester. I am leaving my desktop at my parents and really going to put 110% into this next semester. Last semester I put in 100% and it simply wasn’t enough. I need to put in more than I can give. I will suffer and it will hurt, but I will also prosper and feel great. I take a variety of classes next semester and will use piano and lessons as an anchor for my psyche. I am also talking to a girl from back home, hopefully she is the one. She will be 4 hours from me for a few months so we will test our patiences once again. 


After this semester and the summer, I will hopefully pass my classes and earn an associates in general studies. After that I am not 100% sure where my life will branch off to, but I have been discussing joining the Air Force with friends and family so that may be a path I will take. 


To grow prosper, I wish you all the best.