Why 2018 Was Horrible


Let me tell you why 2018 was mostly horrible. In the earlier part of the year, I was working at an Applebee’s and studying at a local university. It was super stressful, I was barely making enough money to pay for rent and gas. I got food if I was lucky. Then I started finding tiny bed bugs. I called an inspector and he said there was no problem. A month later there was more and more bed bugs and I couldn’t sleep anywhere in my house because of severe paranoia of these bugs crawling on me and sucking my blood. I called another inspector and he said there’s a serious infestation. I called my landlord (I was sharing a house with a girl and a guy at this time) and the landlord said it’s not his responsibility. So I fought through it until finals and after finals I packed everything and left. I said fuck the lease entirely and moved back in with my parents for the summer. 

During that summer I calculated I could afford high speed internet that would allow me to livestream from May through August. That summer I clocked over 300 hours of live-streaming, often doing 8 hour shifts regularly. I ended that summer with 100 followers, no donations, no profit, etc. I also started this website around May. 


Then fall comes around. I moved 4 hours away from home back to the university I attended in 2016 in an effort to finish my degree. I don’t know anybody so I got a random roommate. I genuinely put in 100% effort that semester and ended up failing 4/5 classes. I attended piano practice everyday too. The big factor that made me fail my classes was my faggot roommate. This incel straight up only ate potatoes, was a hardcore pc gamer, and had no sleep schedule. I would go to bed at 9pm and he would be up until 6 am playing whatever the fuck he was and the constant mechanical keyboard typing is what was annoying. I talked to the RAs and they said my only option was to change rooms and I didn’t want to do that in the middle of the semester. After about two months of doing my best I ended up cracking and said fuck school fuck my roommate and I just started playing games all night to escape the bullshit. My roommate was literally torturing me. How can anyone sleep when someone is smashing a mechanical keyboard 5 feet away from you?! 


Fuck my faggot roommate and fuck 2018.