I am a seed in the dirt. I’m not from the a commercial industrial human farm, nor from a private wealthy human farm, but a casual laidback farm where whatever happens...happens. I am a seed of the public. I want to grow grow grow. I feel so dumb in the process. My goals are unclear but my intentions are. Make enough money to retire by 30. Balancing “doing what I want” vs “doing what I should” is a skill I am desperately trying to master. I feel lost walking aimlessly in the void, hoping to step on a leaf of luck.

This December and Early January will be dedicated to aggressively advertising my website since I am away from my studio. Planning to leave my studio equipment in a warehouse this next semester as I am going to focus on piano lessons and school. Will continue blogging and uploading piano videos and whatever else! 


 “Do not go gentle into that good night “