Left Click or Use Spacebar With Right Mouse Button Using THIS AutoHotKey Script

Right Button Rebind to Left Click/Spacebar AHK
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An AutoHotKey script that rebinds the Right Mouse Button to Left Click or Spacebar, making it easier on hand tendons by splitting the user input into multiple fingers. Spacebar on Right Mouse Button is especially good for activities like herblore. Left click on Right Mouse Button can be useful for general use as well in PvP activities.

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Enhance Your Livestreams With This Push-To-Talk Macro

Hey there. This is a guide on how to set up a very useful script or program that improves both front and back end experiences for livestreaming and other broadcasting applications. This script does this: when an assigned button is pressed, desktop volume will change to a set amount. This script keeps the function of the key pressed. I assign this to the same key that is assigned to my push to talk in applications like Discord or Streamlabs OBS. This when when I talk, the volume of sounds on my computer go down so I am not yelling over those desktop sounds.

  1. Download and Install AutoHotKey


2. Make and Copy this .ahk file

alternatively you can download the file directly  here

alternatively you can download the file directly here

3. Assign the Push-To-Talk Keybinds

In whatever Application you are running, whether it is Discord or Streamlabs or something else, assign a same hotkey amongst them. This way when you press whatever key you assigned to push to talk, it will also lower the volume of your desktop sounds, improving the quality greatly.

Credit to SirJefferE from Reddit for helping write the script