“For humans by humans.”

Welcome to Oedema5.com. This website aims to provide you with useful and/or entertaining data. What is the point of this website? Our founders were simply tired of big alphabet companies taking out data, so we made our own platform and try to sell our own data first. We believe strongly that every individual and groups should have a dedicated website. Humans are indefinitely complex and is likely to be the last thing automated.

10% of all donations AND Oedema5.com revenue go towards the charity of our choice.

At the top of this page or on the side you can find links to various resources such as:

Info - Learn more about Oedema5.com, contact info, and more.

Visual Basic Code - Here you can find code written in the programming language Microsoft Visual Basic that can be used for a variety of applications such as writing back-end code for HTML and CSS webpage controls.

AutoHotKey Code - Here you can find code written in the programming language AutoHotKey that can automate simple mouse movement actions and is useful for a variety of video games such as Old School Runescape.

Python Code - Here you can find code written in the programming language Python that can automate file editing tasks and is useful for machine learning tasks with big data resources.

Runescape Guides - Here you can find various helpful guides written for the MMORPG game Old School Runescape.

Top 3 Runescape Guides

Miscellaneous Blog - This blog is home for content that does not fit anywhere else on the site. Philosophical discussions, educational music theory posts, and off-topic rants can be found here.

Music - Here you can listen to over 70 musical compositions composed and produced by Oedema5.

Oedema5 Most Popular Songs

Sales - Purchase Oedema5 Songs and AutoHotKey/Python Scripts

Charity - See receipts of charitable donations made by Oedema5.com

Donate - Support the website by donating to our organization. 10% of all donations go towards the charity Bikers Inc.

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